A/V Requirements

Juanita’s Computer: Toshiba Satellite
Juanita travels with her PC and often prefers to present with her own laptop, but she is flexible if the situation will not allow for this. Please let her know in advance if this is the case. If she is instructing a technology focused session she will often show her students “how” to do it, in which case she needs the laptop to be on stage, in front of her, not in the back of the room. She uses a programmable mouse and clicker that allow her to operate her computer without standing directly in front of it.  Quite often she incorporates video into her presentations, so speaker output is a must.
If Juanita is teaching The Handheld iOffice or any mobile tech session, she will supply her own VGA to Lightning rod adapter.


Additional A/V Needs

Wireless Lavalier Mic

Juanita moves around quite a bit. If the audience size is approaching 100, she will need a wireless mic.

Projection Screen

Please supply a power strip in case Juanita needs to plug in her phone or another gadget.

Laptop Projector

Juanita will need a laptop projector with VGA or HDMI inputs.

Internet Connection – In some of Juanita’s tech programs she will need Internet access. If this is a problem, let her know in advance and she will make other arrangements.

Sound Requirements – Since Juanita will be playing videos from her laptop, please supply surround sound. Her laptop supports the standard 3.5mm mini-jack cables.

Final Reminders

Room Seating – Classroom style, as close and tight as possible. Please encourage participants to sit in one area.

Recording – This is not allowed. Please remind participants that they are not allowed to record audio or video.