International Speaker

“We held our first STAR Tech Expo in which over 300 agents attended. I invited Juanita McDowell to be our keynote speaker. Her professionalism and communication skills made a great session for the agents. She was also very knowledgeable of the material she presented. It is a privilege to recommend her services and expertise to any group.”

Angela Shields President/CEO , San Antonio Board of REALTORs

Jump start your event with one of Juanita’s entertaining keynote speeches, then add a tad of tech spice to your conference with one of her educational break-out sessions. Her creative, animated delivery will captivate your audience. All keynote speeches are customized to fit your event theme and time frame.

Keynote Programs

Get Sticky! Achieving Your Goals In Business And In Life

Anyone can set goals and write them down but the trick is getting them to “stick” –working on them until they become reality.  Participants first learn the importance of developing S.M.A.R.T. goals before they apply the easy but effective “Get Sticky” formula.  As someone who has successfully transitioned from Corporate Sales Executive to International Speaker, Juanita has written her own playbook on how to create and accomplish goals that she shares in this interactive session.

Watch Juanita in Action teaching “Get Sticky” by clicking here.

Customer Service is the New Marketing – Innovative and Exceptional Service Leads to a Lifetime Customer

In the world of and Google Reviews, business owners need to think outside the box when it comes to great customer service.  Assistants and additional customer-facing team members also need to learn the key to longevity in the world of real estate: Keep a customer for life by creating a “raving fan.” This session delivers new and cutting-edge research that can be used to take customer service to new levels.

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Protect Your GoldMIND: 5 Success Keys to Personal Transformation™

It’s a scientific fact—what you think about you bring about. There are proven strategies for safeguarding and managing your thoughts, which is the key to succeeding in business and in life. In this engaging, high-energy session Juanita will dazzle the audience by physically demonstrating how the images we hold in our minds can become reality. She will also offer five strategies to changing our lives for the better. Expect to ponder, to be entertained, and to be educated!


Time to Rejuvenate!™

Even the best of sales people experience the unfortunate “dry” period. Give your team a boost, a chance to rejuvenate. Even better, give them an unfair advantage over the competition. This motivational keynote combines mind power principles with amazing success stories and innovative strategies to recharge and refresh. The end result – fat funnels and closed opportunities.


Most Requested Break-out Sessions

The Tech Savvy Life Tracks

Juanita McDowell takes pride in her ability to simplify technology so that the average person can understand how and why to use it. Each year Juanita travels the globe, delivering keynotes and workshops to various industries on technology that supports better business marketing and management.  Click on the links below for more information.

Mobile Technology and Apps (For Android and iOS Users)

In the first part of this session, Juanita covers mobile devices, peripherals you can add to your smartphones, mobile features and tips, and privacy and security concerns. In the second part she covers Smart Apps in 2018 for organization, marketing and video production on the go.

Tighten it Up! Cybersecurity & Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know

From the web to the front door, there are safety measures business owners must take daily while using their computers, smart phones, and social media. In this class students will learn about the latest “digital” hacks in the business world as well as privacy concerns (per the Law) when consumer information is collected and stored. This session also covers safety tips and technology, including the use of "bluetooth wearables" and devices that could save a life.

Marketing and Educating Online with Instagram, Facebook Advertising and YouTube

Top producing real estate professionals are using social networking websites to market their business. It’s no longer an option; it’s required in order to move your business forward. This course will teach agents how to leverage Instagram, the most popular mobile application for Millennials, as well as Facebook Advertising and YouTube to expand their online visibility and build long-term relationships with potential homebuyers.

OK Google, How Do I Grow My Business?

In this session we will open your eyes to the most powerful Google services and software available. This session will equip students with critical knowledge they need to improve their online visibility.

What will you learn?

• How to create a FREE Google Business Listing
• How to do Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner
• How to optimize your website and get better ranking
• Shortcuts and tricks to GMAIL
• Google Earth (A little known trick for working with out-of-town buyers)
• Connect your Microsoft Docs to the Cloud. Print in the Clouds -- for free!
• And more....

Balancing Act: Taking Care of Real Estate, Clients, and Self

Successful real estate agents know that success demands that they have the right balance in their day to day work with their clients, their peers, and themselves. Agents must also have the mindset for the market and more importantly, they need proper systems in place in order to operate efficiently and serve the public effectively.
This sessopm will give you the necessary tips and tools to accomplish overall balance in your real estate life. With the latest apps, tools, and business strategies, this class will help you provide all-around better service to your customers while helping you grow your business without being overwhelmed by it all.

Social Media and How it Can Benefit Your Business

This session will give the big WHY of social media and demonstrate the value of using various websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to grow your business. Participants will learn how to create a content calendar and understand the best time to post on the various sites to ensure success.

Marketing Track

Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars

Do you want to grow your business without spending a fortune? Then you don't want to miss this session crafted for the savvy and thrifty individual. This session will teach you the best tips, apps, and tools to get leads and grow your business.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

This session will explain the big WHY of social media and demonstrate the value of using some of the most popular networks used by consumers today such as such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Students will walk away with an understanding of how social media can grow their business.

YouTube and Video Marketing

Lights! Camera! Action! Now that YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web, it’s time to reinvent yourself – in front of the camera. This highly entertaining and informative workshop will show students how to use videos to generate leads and gain customer loyalty. Taught by Juanita who has over 1.5 million views on her YouTube channel.

Sales Track

A Fresh Approach to Selling in Today’s Market

This program lights a fire under your sales team and gets them motivated to close more deals. During this high energy session REALTORs® will learn a solid approach to closing more business that is simple to implement. Some of the topics that will be covered include: • Mastering Sales Motivation And Mindset • The New Rules Of Selling • Intelligently Handling Objections • 5 ways to “Close” • 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy • How to Make Impactful Sales Calls • How to Follow up and Maintain Sales Momentum • A Client For Life – What You Need to Do

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