The Premier Train-the-Trainer Program

Juanita McDowell Seminars teaches a one or two day Train-the-Trainer program for Adult Educators. Whether your company or organization provides in-house training programs or if you are an independent school that promotes your own workshops, you will find value in these programs.

Part 1 – Core Training Principles, Design Fundamentals, and Innovative Tools for Trainers

Part 2 – Creative Training Styles, Trends, & Mechanics

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Workshops for Educators

The following seminar topics are well-suited for stand-alone educational sessions.

What’s in Your Trainer’s Toolbox?

The web is chock full of powerful applications that enable us to deliver content that is more engaging and interactive.  Are you up-to-date? This session will equip you with 10 innovative tools that every learning professional should have in their toolbox. It’s time to design and deliver a more dynamic and interactive presentation to your audience using 21st century tools that save time and money—and most of them are free.

Spicing up Webinars

Nothing is worse than a boring online program.  This session will equip you with valuable insight on how to create and deliver content so that your audience stays engaged and connected.   Become the online educator that everyone wants to hear.

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Do you want an unfair advantage over other presenters? This session teaches you how to create effective slides that illustrate ideas and present data in a meaningful way.  Students will also learn design tricks and tips on the best way to incorporate animation, video, and photos into their PowerPoint© masterpieces.

The Art of Email Marketing

It’s time to learn strategies on how to get the most out of email marketing campaigns.  This session will teach you how to build a quality list of subscribers and how to maintain a brand and reputation that complies with spam laws.  Students will also learn the fundamentals to developing professional emails that complement traditional and social media marketing efforts.